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The Most Valuable Company in Manufacturing Talent™

Welcome to Progressive Reliability, your trusted talent management resource for identifying top maintenance and reliability talent. Our team helps you fill specific roles and needs in manufacturing, maintenance, reliability engineering, trades, and crafts. Trust in your team is the highest priority when running manufacturing lines. Between downtime and overtime, you cannot afford unreliable team members. That’s where we come in. We connect you with industry leaders who elevate your production to the next level. Our tailored workforce solutions are uniquely designed to empower our clients to outperform their peers. Connect with us today to find the trusted candidate your team needs!

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Find the Right Expert for the Job

Filling gaps on your team shouldn’t be a constant struggle. Whether you’re growing your operation or trying to fill replacement positions, you want qualified, skillful personnel on your team. Progressive reliability connects your hiring team with our vetted applicant pool who are not only accomplished experts in their field, but also attain the untrainable qualities every employer desires. We focus on qualities that increase loyalty with lower turnover. With one in three interviewees being hired and our hires experiencing a 95% success rate, you can rest assured Progressive Reliability is the right partner to make hiring for your organization easy.

Quick, Reliable Talent Hiring Process

At Progressive Reliability we have what you need, where you need it, when you need it! Built for scale, our team has the infrastructure in place to nationally support your needs to find the best quality person for your team, unlike many of our big-name competitors who are driven by the quantity of roles they fill. In short, we’re here to make hiring easy by ensuring turnover is reduced through quality placement of talent. You’re busy running your operation, let us take care of the talent acquisition for you. Get in touch with our team today to save money and time throughout the hiring process. 


Benefits of Retained Search




As the owner or manager of a manufacturing facility, it can be challenging to attract and retain qualified workers for your business across the United States. Not only does identifying, interviewing, and vetting candidates take a lot of time, it also requires a certain level of skill and knowledge. Our team has many years of experience finding quality candidates for many different types of manufacturing, maintenance, engineering, trade, and craft positions. Our retained search approach provides your company with numerous benefits. We believe it is the best way to find and select the best candidates when compared to temporary or contract workers. Some of the benefits of retained search staffing include:

  • Better Selection of Candidates: Because our team’s sole purpose is to find you the best fit for your company, you can feel confident that you are getting a pool of qualified candidates. We are very skilled at identifying the right types of people with the appropriate skills to complete the job required of them.
  • Less Turnover: When you find a good fit for the job on the first try, you reduce the amount of turnover your company faces. Workers are more likely to stay in their position if they have the right hard and soft skills for the job and know they will be appreciated as part of the team.
  • Saves Time & Money: Identifying and vetting candidates requires a lot of time, which is a commitment you may not be able to make. Our team will complete all of this work for you so you can spend your valuable time on the tasks that matter most.
  • More Desirable to Candidates: Most workers are looking for permanent positions where they can grow and become part of the team. Retained search positions will be more desirable to candidates, which will help you attract the best talent out there!

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Eric Bevevino interviews our founder, Chris Pepin about Operation New Uniform, where Chris is a board member. ONU specializes in helping veterans transition to civilian careers.

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Is your business ready to expand and hire new employees? If so, you want to be sure you are investing in workers that are the right fit and who plan to stay with the company for many years. Our team can help match you with qualified candidates, so you can find the perfect person to join your team. We’d love to connect if you have any questions or are ready to partner with us to find new members for your workforce.

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