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Direct Hire Done Right

The team at Progressive Reliability, takes care of screening and placing quality talent for permanent positions, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day operations. Progressive Reliability specializes in sending experienced and reliable candidates for direct hire to complete your exceptional team.  Our objective is to find professionals who have qualified skill sets and “untrainable” traits that will align with your business’ goals and company culture. At Progressive Reliability, we make correct, long-standing, and powerful connections between your business and reliable employees.

Secure Your Team’s Future and Make the Talent Migration Work for You

Many of the benefits that employees enjoy about direct hire are also advantageous to companies. Some of the benefits include:

  • The new employee is full-time, preventing the company from having to start over the search process in the future and saving on annuity costs of working with temporary positions and contracts. The talent also knows they’re gaining security as a full-time employee with benefits.
  • Permanent positions are more attractive to the best people for the position. Statistically, the top contenders for a position are looking exclusively for permanent, full-time employment.
  • Direct hire candidates are more loyal, wanting to stay at their new position for longer.
  • 95% of the talent that Progressive Reliability has hired this year are still working the same job.
  • You, as the company, save precious time and resources. You won’t have to dedicate staff to search for filling the position, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Filling niche, difficult positions is a breeze as direct hire candidates are more qualified for these titles.
  • Progressive Reliability is focused on finding long term, dedicated employees for your team, stopping the revolving door that comes with hiring temps.
  • With our nationwide approach, you have access to the best talent, rather than competing in the same market for the same candidate.

Finding the Best Permanent Candidates For Your Team

Progressive Reliability’s alliances with manufacturing organizations will ensure a quality pool of talent.  Our expertise will find the right person for you whether you are looking for hourly, salary or private & executive positions.  We are industry experts and understand the local market with connections to top candidates who are both unemployed and employed.   We have the ability to find the right person for the job whether it be seasoned executives, niche industry experienced professionals or candidates who are willing to relocate for the right opportunity.

Quick, Reliable and Efficient

At our talent placement firm, we put all of our candidates through our system, finding out their specific strengths. We then cross-reference that with companies looking for top-of-the-line, reliable employees. The direct hire process streamlines everything mundane about the traditional job interview. We’ll do all the research, allowing you to get a qualified, perfect match for your open position. Contact us today to get started.

Hiring Made Easy