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Contract Talent Acquisition

Contract hiring can be incredibly beneficial for filling a position quickly with the right talent. Contract talent acquisition is a fast-moving process because companies need to fill a position without delay. In most situations, a new need for a position has opened up, such as launching a new system or rolling out tech updates. Staff Augmentation or contract hires are not to be confused with temporary hires. Staff Augmentation is used when the employer is looking for a specifically skilled professional to help the team get back on track. As a contract employee, you get a great look into how a company operates without investing fully. In some instances, contract positions can turn into full-time employment opportunities. Along with our direct hire positions, we evaluate every position and candidate to make the optimal match. Whether you’re looking for contract work or need to fill a position with the perfect candidate, contact Progressive Reliability.

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What Is Contract Hiring?

Contract hiring is when a company hires an employee for a short-term position for a predetermined period of time. This is listed in the contract. There are possibilities to be brought on full-time upon the completion of the contract. However, it is not the same as an independent contractor, in which that person is self-employed. A contract employee is under contract to work for the specified company but is employed by the talent agency – Progressive Reliability.

Benefits of Contract Work

There are many benefits to this type of employment. The first is an expedited hiring and interview process. Instead of going through the headache-inducing and time-consuming process of multiple interviews and back-and-forth with HR departments, your interview process will be quick and painless. We’ll handle all the legwork, helping you find a position quickly and efficiently. It also allows you to experience a trial run of the company. Or, if you’re the employer, you can experience a trial run of a prospective employee. Finally, it allows you to manage a flexible budget with both expenditures and staffing. By honing in on specialized skills and employees, you can allocate all of your funds into a defined budget. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what you want. Plus, you don’t have to do the work. That’s where we come in.

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