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About Progressive Reliability

At Progressive Reliability, we’re dedicated to decreasing turnover and simplifying the hiring process. We’re not just a recruiter- we’re a talent acquisition firm connected with the top experts in their fields. Our leadership team is carefully developed and synched to ensure the right candidates are paired with the right opportunities, eliminating the noise and frustrations that come with vetting poorly matched talent. While identifying key skills and experience matter, we focus the majority of our vetting process on the intangible and untrainable traits. By taking the time to understand your specific needs and company culture, we better present candidates, wasting less time throughout the hiring process. Our team specializes in recruiting direct hires, contract experts and subject matter experts in the maintenance and reliability space.


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Our Competitive Advantage

In industries that desire contract and direct hire work, the turnover rate can be frustratingly high. We’ve set out to lower the conversion rate, instilling instead solid relationships between employee and employer. If you’re looking for work, we don’t just throw you at any company. We pair you with researched positions that meet your criteria of work, experience, knowledge, and lifestyle. This way, before you even meet your prospective employer, you know you already agree on topics, creating a lasting professional relationship. The same goes for our companies. They expect highly qualified individuals who are masters in their craft. And that’s what we deliver.

Our Mission Values

Our mission is to provide an individualized workforce solution for every party involved. From the workforce to the company, we’re able to find the perfect pairing with our innovative process. Instead of just listening to a quick explanation of somebody, we get to know our clients. We listen and understand their needs, goals, and plans for their future. This gives us an advantage over recruiters.  The advantage to partnering with us for your hiring needs will:

Minimize excess expenses

Decrease future turnover rate

Allow you to continue to focus on your operation

Give you access to specialized knowledge

Give you access to a better quality talent pool

When you work with Progressive Reliability, you’re on your way to a more productive and successful career and operation. Get started today by getting in touch with one of our agents. We can’t wait to meet you and find the perfect position, whether it be direct hire or contract.

Discover How SMRP is Preparing the Next Generation

Industries We Serve

Food and Beverage

There are many moving parts that require trained staff in the food and beverage industry.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical

We match you with knowledgeable experts in their fields.

Pulp and Paper

Find the right people for the job.

Packaging and Containers

Match safe, responsible employees with your operation.

Customer Goods
Consumer Goods

Stay organized on your sales floors with trained workers.

Government and Utilities

We help you find experienced and insured employees for specific jobs.

Shipping and Logistics

Stay on top of all your transactions with a team who knows best.

Building Materials, Steel, Aluminum & Metals

Safety and proper training are vital in maintaining a seamless workplace.

Hiring Made Easy