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When You Need the Very Best

A subject matter expert (SME) is somebody who, by definition, understands a particular practice, job, process, function, technology, or department to its fullest extent. They can provide helpful insight on all matters associated with this subject to help a company get through an otherwise difficult aspect of a job. Progressive Reliability helps connect subject matter experts with companies in need. They can leverage their unique knowledge and experience to solve problems you may be experiencing, meet goals you’ve set, and more. While they’re mostly found in the tech world, they can exist in many different subjects, such as customer support, marketing, and software development.

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How Can I Benefit from hiring a SME?

Every company will meet difficult challenges that require specific knowledge and talent possibly not possessed by its team. For example, in the manufacturing industry, you may reference a subject matter expert in maintenance and reliability to bridge the gap until a direct hire placement is made. Architects and engineers contact SMEs when they’re experiencing difficulties in planning phases. Many companies use them to structure in-depth learning programs to then train their own employees. After they have bestowed their knowledge to your team, you can then use that going forward to help educate others.

What Are the Qualifications of a Subject Matter Expert?

SMEs have years of experience in their field, usually with extensive training, application, and certifications. They also never stop learning and developing their skills. As each field expands and improves, so too does the subject matter expert. They stay on top of the latest developments, updates, and practices, not only in the classroom but in practical experience as well. They’re dedicated learners and teachers, willing to lend their knowledge to others and mentor internally. If you’re dealing with a difficult hurdle to overcome, rolling out a new platform, or just need some advice, contact Progressive Reliability. We’ll be able to put you in contact with a subject matter expert who will be a perfect fit for your requirements.

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