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The Most Valuable Company In Manufacturing Talent™

Expert Solutions for Your Manufacturing Workforce

Manufacturing companies need a workforce they can rely on to run daily operations safely and productively. Progressive Reliability is a prime staffing source for clients who manage a manufacturing facility because we specialize in providing highly skilled applicants for a broad range of positions within this industry. When it comes to reliability and maintenance careers, our extensive database of candidates suits companies’ industrial employment needs in the United States, including direct hire and staff augmentation applicants. If your staffing needs require experienced industry knowledge about the work environment and necessary skills for various positions, we also offer services to find niche roles like subject matter experts. Our staff has years of direct experience and expertise in a wide array of jobs, technologies, functions, and departments found in the manufacturing field. Clients entrust Progressive Reliability to fill positions in their companies for many reasons. We have described some of the most prominent ones below.

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Engineer on site
Evolving Our Services with Continuous Improvement

The manufacturing environment is continuously changing as time passes. With new technologies, productivity methods, environmental concerns, and other factors, the workforce running your lines needs to stay up to date and well-trained on the most current practices. Progressive Reliability ensures we always have suitable candidates ready to work in your facility because we pay close attention to job market shifts and refine and revise our services based on the most recent findings. We stay on top of industry knowledge and training to keep our business at the forefront of current and emerging manufacturing trends. The market always seems to be in flux with exciting advancements like new equipment and software streamlining the process and minimizing pollution, energy consumption, and other crucial elements.

Filling Our Clients’ Positions with High Accuracy

Progressive Reliability understands and appreciates how valuable our client’s time is, and we honor their investment in our services with a database of highly trained and hardworking candidates. By refining our collection of applicants to those most suitable for positions in manufacturing facilities, we significantly reduce any wasted time and effort. Our candidate vetting process has been so successful that one out of every four applicants we submit to clients receives a job offer. We maintain an impressive level of confidence in our candidates because of their admirable work ethic and proven track record of contributing to companies to help them thrive and stay ahead of their competitors.

Low Turnover Ensures You Retain Your Staff

Another valuable attribute of our manufacturing workforce solutions is our low turnover rates. Constantly hiring and retraining replacements for recently vacant positions puts a strain on facilities in terms of their finances, productivity, and many other factors. Progressive Reliability has a history of placing candidates at our clients’ locations with long-term job potential as they propel their maintenance and reliability careers. Your facility can maintain consistent productivity levels, improve safety, and thrive in your industry with a workforce of skilled professionals dedicated to retaining their positions and performing at higher quality levels.

Industry maintenance engineer wearing uniform and safety helmet
Applicants with the Skills You Need for Manufacturing

As Progressive Reliability continuously evolves by refining and revising our services to adjust to shifts in the job market, our selection of applicants follows that same trend. Our company works specifically in the manufacturing niche, so our candidates and in-house staff have the relevant skills and expertise to drive clients to their goals. We achieve this by staying current on the skills and technologies directly related to manufacturing and staying up to date on our proficiency with all of it. You get the benefits of cutting-edge knowledge and talent with our exceptional applicants ready to begin at your facility when you need them.

We Quickly Provide Applicants for Your Positions

Time is typically of the essence in filling and retaining a workforce at a manufacturing facility. You must establish an impressive team of professionals working together to optimize your operations as soon as possible. Quickly assembling your staff can save you from lagging productivity levels, low product quality, and workplace conditions that risk safety to members and leaders alike. Progressive Reliability works quickly to ensure you have staffing resources to fill positions without having to wait long for the right person to fill your needs, especially when it comes to direct hires. We begin providing our clients with applicants in less than two days, all of whom have the necessary skills and qualifications you require. With our speedy workforce solutions, your manufacturing facility does not have to suffer a staffing deficit.

Direct Hire & Contract Staff Augmentation Across the United States

Progressive Reliability looks forward to working with your manufacturing facility and providing our expertise and an extensive collection of highly qualified candidates. If you have any questions about our experiences or the services we provide, we encourage you to contact us today to get answers. Let us ensure you always have the workforce you need to keep your company ahead of your peers.


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