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The Proven Process that Yields Results

Here at Progressive Reliability our mission is not to fill a job with a warm body, but rather find the right, qualified talent to meet your needs. Our process consists of taking an onboarding call with the client to find out specifics on what the job would entail and what they are looking for in a candidate.  Experience is very important when searching for the right fit for your team but understanding the hard skills and soft skills are what sets a person apart from all others.

Following the onboarding call, the recruiting team reviews every detail so our recruiters can begin searching with very niche keywords and Boolean searches to find that top talent.  Utilizing job boards, career websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and various other tools that allow us to diversify ourselves from common staffing companies.

Delivering Qualified Professionals to Your Team

Our goal is to find the right fit for our clients while also finding a great career move for the candidate. Gathering detailed information regarding their past employment, availability, compensation, ideal job, and relocation opportunities enables us to get specifics on exactly what the person is looking for to accept a new opportunity. We like to keep in mind that this is a two-way street with fulfilling the client’s request as well as the candidate.  It’s very important to us to connect with the candidates and build a trusting relationship. Once a qualified candidate is identified, the candidate will go through the following process:

Submit Candidate

We submit the candidate to the employer and keep in touch with both parties. While waiting for feedback on possible next steps, our team continuously communicates with our candidates through follow-ups and check-in's regarding employment search status and what to expect moving forward. Our priority is to make sure to build and maintain a relationship of trust with our candidates so that we can ensure a successful interviewing and hiring process.

The Interview

When the employer is interested in moving forward we facilitate the next step: scheduling the interview. This includes sending a calendar invite to the employer with the candidate’s resume and profile to make it as convenient as possible. Once that interview is scheduled, the recruiter sends an email to the candidate including all details for the interview; date and time of interview, address, who they will be meeting with, LinkedIn profiles to try and connect with their interviewer and any videos about the company/facility. An important step in our process includes scheduling a prep call for our candidates. The recruiter goes over the details of the interview information as well as any questions or concerns that the candidate may have. Continuous communication with the candidate ensures a smooth interview process for our clients.


When the employer signals to us that they would like to move forward with a candidate and extend an offer, we then begin the onboarding stage. Our team facilitates gathering all onboarding information from the candidate including drug screens, background checks, paperwork, and more. When onboarding is complete and the candidate becomes an employee of the company we require our recruiters to follow-up with them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We want to be sure our candidates know they can reach out to us with any questions, concerns, etc. but also that they have the HR Manager’s information to talk with them on any issues they are experiencing.

Communication is Key

We understand that continuous and reliable communication with both our clients and candidates we place is the most important thing we can do in our process. Maintaining an open dialogue with our candidates builds the trust that is needed to solve problems before they escalate which creates a higher retention rate and builds further trust within the client and candidate because they know our team is here for their best interest. 

Hiring Made Easy