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Replacing Temp Hires with Direct Hires that Stick

2020 and the first half of 2021 have proven to be an unusual time for manufacturing businesses. Depending on the industry, companies have either fared quite well or struggled just to keep the lights on. No matter where your company lands on this scale, it may be time to reassess how you add talent to your team. After all, skilled employees are sure to remain in short supply, even as the direct impacts of COVID-19 wind to a close, letting qualified candidates pick and choose which companies to apply for.

The manufacturing industry hires the top talent in several ways. The type of hiring you to choose makes a big difference, both on your bottom line and how appealing your company is to potential candidates. Are you currently hiring temporary employees in situations where direct hires may be more suitable? Consider how replacing temp hires with direct hires is advantageous to both companies and employees.

Benefits of Direct Hire vs. Temp-Hire

Temp positions have a set timeframe designed to fill seasonal peaks, leaves of absence, and other short-term needs. Temp hiring is a flexible option that can save employers money while giving employees a chance to build their resumes.

However, temp hiring is not the right solution if you’re looking for long-term, full-time employees right out of the gate. Here’s why you may want to replace temp hires with direct hires that stick:

  • Your company avoids having to start the hiring process all over again, saving precious time and resources.
  • Having a sense of job security attracts qualified talent and makes them more likely to apply in the first place.
  • Direct hire candidates tend to be the best people for difficult niche jobs because top contenders are more likely to want a permanent, full-time position.
  • Statistically, direct hires show more loyalty and a desire to stay with the company longer.

What about Direct Hire vs. Contract-to-Hire?

A group of manufacturing employees in masks

Also known as temp-to-hire, contract-to-hire is a hybrid of direct hiring and temp hiring. It begins as a temporary contract to fill a position for a predetermined time. Upon completion of the contract, the temp worker has the option to join the company full-time.

This could be a good option if you have short-term projects along with the need to fill full-time positions. It gives employees a chance to prove themselves while finding out if the job is the right cultural fit. If so, the company avoids the hassle of restarting its search. And if not, then employer and employee go their separate ways once the contract ends with no harm done.

Talent Acquisition with Progressive Reliability

At Progressive Reliability, we provide direct hire and contract hire services with the option to bring contracted talent on full-time. Our goal as a manufacturing talent acquisition and management company is to provide high-quality hiring experiences for employers and employees alike. We’re so adept at what we do that 95% of the talent we’ve placed in the past year are still working the same job. Now that’s talent that sticks!

If you’re eager to increase loyalty and lower turnover rates, please contact us online or call 833-758-0070 for more information. We offer our services across the United States and would love to serve your team whether in Carrollton, GA, Rochester, NY or anywhere else across the nation.

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