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Are you familiar with different talent acquisition options? Direct hiring is a solution that brings on full-time employees right out of the gate. If your manufacturing company has long-term or highly skilled job openings to fill, direct hire is most likely the right solution for you. Consider the benefits of adding permanent staff members to your team rather than rotating through temporary employees.

Gain Access to Better Candidates

Most top contenders for difficult niche jobs are looking for permanent employment. Direct hiring provides a sense of job security, which is appealing to qualified candidates and makes them more likely to apply for a position in the first place.

Garner a Stronger Sense of Loyalty

Because direct hires become a permanent part of the team, they have a greater sense of stability and pride in their work. As a result, they are more likely to demonstrate loyalty and a desire to stay with the company longer, reducing turnover rates in the process.

Attract Qualified Candidates with Perks

If your company has an outstanding benefits package, you can flaunt it to help attract direct hires. On the other hand, temporary or temp-to-hire employees typically aren’t eligible for company perks because their pay and benefits come from a talent agency.

Boost Morale

When temporary and permanent employees mix, temp workers may begin to feel underappreciated if they put in the same hours and do the same job but don’t receive the same perks and benefits. Maintaining a team of all-permanent employees is a straightforward way to boost morale and prevent hard feelings.

Increase the Level of Teamwork

It can sometimes be difficult to integrate temporary team members into an existing permanent crew. Permanent employees may hesitate to trust those who won’t be around for long or perceive temp workers as interlopers. You can increase everyone’s willingness to work together by keeping all your employees on a level playing field.

Get the Most from Your Training Investment

There is an unavoidable adjustment period when a new employee joins the ranks. Training can be costly and time-consuming, especially for manufacturing employers, no matter the talent’s experience or skill level. With direct hiring, your company avoids having to start all over again in a few months, saving you precious time and resources.

Avoid Contract Buyouts

Contract-to-hire, a hybrid of direct hire and temp hire, could be an effective way to complete short-term projects, followed by filling long-term positions if the talent proves to be the right fit. Just be prepared to buy out the contract at the end of the contract period. If you wait too long, the employee might feel underappreciated and move on to the next offer.

Progressive Reliability is a talent agency dedicated to providing high-quality hiring solutions for employers and employees alike. We emphasize quality over quantity to ensure the right person is paired with the right job, reducing costly turnover for your business. To experience the ultimate talent acquisition solution for yourself, please contact us at 833-758-0070.

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