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In theory, hiring your own employees might seem like a great way to save money. But in reality, knowing where to look for the best talent, establishing a consistent hiring process, and retaining new employees can be a massive headache. That’s why more and more manufacturing businesses are using professional talent acquisition to help them find, hire, and retain qualified candidates.

However, not all talent acquisition companies are created equal. At Progressive Reliability, we’re more than just a recruiting agency. We don’t simply fill job openings with the first contenders that come along. Rather, our mission is to pair the right person with the right job. By emphasizing quality over quantity, we can ensure the perfect match for employers and employees alike. Here’s how our process yields such positive results compared to our competitors:

  • We track the right metrics: Anyone can learn how to operate machinery, fill out paperwork, or perform other on-the-job tasks. But if someone isn’t innately optimistic, curious, or motivated, they can never be taught these things. That’s why we focus on finding candidates with these valuable qualities—because hiring for traits and training for skills is more likely to result in long-term placement.
  • We look in the right places: Our team searches a proprietary mix of highly optimized talent acquisition and social media sources to find top-quality talent. We also tap into unique advertising processes and use niche keywords and Boolean searches, allowing us to find the most reliable pool of candidates possible.How a Talent Acquisition Company Focuses on Finding the Right Employees for You 2
  • We tailor your hiring efforts: There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all hiring. So to help you find the best talent, we’ll create a profile for each position you want to fill. Then, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of the applicant pool and present you with only the top 5 to 8 percent of candidates.
  • We prepare applicants for the interview: By pre-screening and preparing candidates, we promote a smooth interview process that saves you time and effort. Working with candidates the way we do also piques their interest and increases their excitement about the job opportunity.
  • We constantly work to improve our searches: After each interview, we request feedback regarding your hiring decision, especially if you choose not to move forward. We use your feedback to add new parameters to our search efforts as we continue to seek the best candidates for your job openings.
  • We reduce turnover once new employees start working: Once the onboarding process is complete, our services shift from talent acquisition to talent management. By continually following up with newly hired talent, we maintain an open dialogue that encourages employees to speak up when they encounter an issue rather than simply quitting. This improves your retention efforts and builds added trust between you and your team.

Progressive Reliability is eager to tailor a workforce solution that empowers your manufacturing company through more sustainable hiring efforts. So when you’re ready to experience talent acquisition at its finest, please contact us at 833-758-0070.


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